Stubbs The Zombie

in Rebel without...



Be the Zombie in an epic war between the living and the dead


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If you like action games, for sure that you have killed thousands and thousands of zombies playing games. This time, the story changes, it’s time to be the Zombie.

As original as it sounds. Stubb the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse offers us a revolutionary idea. Now we have to play as a Zombie.

You will be Edward Stubbs, a man who died in 1933 during the Great Depression and now we are in 1959. He doesn’t know who killed him nor why he’s returned. He doesn’t know anything but one thing: Eating somebody’s brains make him feel better.

You will live a new war between Zombies and Humans, but now you are one of the zombie.

In this new war your aim is fairli clear: you have to kill everybody on your way and you have several ways to do it. You can eat their brains, use your body as weapon, you can posess humans bodies and use them to atttack,...

In short, Stubb the Zombie will give us hours and hours of fun thanks to its great story, great music, great sounds and as well great graphics.
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